About us

Figrep scans millions of publications and saves the images in it, along with the descriptions of the images. Figrep extracts images and figures that are key in the use of scientific knowledge from academic publications and saves them as a database. With Figrep, users can easily search for images based on image texts or post metadata using keywords. Figrep is an innovative and pioneering platform for searching academic images.
You can easily download the pictures you find in Figrep from a subscribed university network or by registering with the email address of a subscribed university. Figrep adds a translucent watermark over images when accessed from non-subscribed institutions. These watermarks do not appear when the subscriber is entered from the institution.
Figrep is an academic search engine as it only indexes academic publications. It contains tens of millions of images in millions of publications. You can download all of these images and use them for academic purposes, provided that you cite the publication. Figrep meets all needs in the field of academic image search for users who prepare both publications, presentations and reports.

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Enterprise Subscription

Figrep only accepts corporate subscriptions. For institutional subscription, you can apply to your institution's Library and Documentation Department.

Downloading and Using Images

You can easily download images when you log in from the network of subscribed universities. To use images, you must review the publisher's license.